Effective Dental Marketing with the Scheduling Institute

The Scheduling Institute

Dentistry is a type of private practice that primarily depends on new patient generation and referrals. The patients are the life and blood of the dental practice. Some dental clinics are already established; to the point that potential patients keep coming every single day. However, even the most stable clinics do need to conduct regular marketing check to find out whether their marketing strategy is working or not. If you are just new in the practice, then you need to come up with effective marketing strategy; more so, if you have been in the dental practice for many years now and are still not generating the required number of patients. A recent article from DentalEconomics.com witten by Chief Editor Dr. Joe Blaes gave several details about the Scheduling Institute plus testimonials about Jay Geier.

To help dentists and their team with their dental marketing struggles; the Scheduling Institute was born. It is a company founded by Jay Geier using his experience and expertise in marketing. Jay became the marketing director of a big private practice in Georgia and his primary role there was to proactively generate new patients. He came up with marketing tactics, which effectively generated new patients. As a matter of fact, he was able to help the team generate more than 600 new patients in just one week. The effectiveness of his marketing strategy has given birth to the Scheduling Institute. The primary purpose of the Scheduling Institute is to help dentist in growing their practice.

An in-depth look at the Scheduling Institute

The Scheduling Institute is dedicated to helping dentist and the dental team as a whole to become successful in their business and eventually leveraging their assets. Geier’s idea of Scheduling Institute started 25 years ago when he worked as a marketing director in a big private practice in Atlanta, Georgia. After that, he dedicated the next four years of his life perfecting the marketing system before finally introducing it to dentist from all across the globe.

Jay Geier personally handles the marketing campaign, but the growing demand of dentist and the increasing number of clients from all across the globe has enticed him to form an exceptional team of people whom he called CTS or certified training specialists. What these people do is they travel to different places year round to conduct on-site training to dental teams needing marketing help and support. A lot of dentists prefer this method because they find it more effective and convenient because the marketing specialist will get to see the dental team in the actual setting. Aside from on-site training, there are also training centers in some parts of Georgia.

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